Sweet Revenge is one of those bands that I wish could consistently release music. They released an EP each year from 2009 to 2011, but then seemed to disappear. Rule Breaker released in August 2011 and that was the last I had heard from them. Then on Facebook, Sweet Revenge reappeared with a crowdfunding project for Bitter Sweet. The EP released on May 29, 2014, bringing the band back from whatever hiatus they were on before.

sweet revenge bitter sweet

The style of music that Sweet Revenge play is a mixture of pop rock and indie rock. The best songs that I like from the band are centered on rock music, but some of the songs seemed to be skewed towards Kpop. Bitter Sweet still seems to have this problem, though they are able to bridge their favored styles a lot better. A good example is “Rocket To The Moon” which could have overused synth and melodies to make it much easier to perform on music shows.

As a single “멜로” isn’t my favorite because of the slower, indie pop style of the song. I had wanted a return to their more aggressive rock that they played on earlier EPs. “Sugar Candy” is perfect for music shows and I can see if the band is able, they could gain a lot of fans with the easy-to-digest song. Bitter Sweet shows the general style that the band play, but it makes the EP a bit uneven.

Throughout the releases from Sweet Revenge, they have seemed to transition from rock to pop rock. It’s always been mixed within each EP, but on Bitter Sweet it seems have a more pronounced appearance. It could be from the mixing and mastering of the songs because it’s possible to hear the rock core of each song and seeing the band live could be a much different experience than hearing the polished EP.

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