Having never gone to a music festival in my life, I’ve gone through several errors while my visit to this year’s Soundholic EXIT Festival which was held in Jamsil, Seoul. After going through the whole ten hour experience, here are somethings I learned…

from the airport

1. Plan ahead!

When you’re attending any kind of festival with multiple stages, I would recommend that you look over the time slots for each performance and plan out your day according to the bands that you like and would like to see. I made the mistake of deciding to just “go with the flow” and though I got to witness awesome performances of bands that I’ve never seen or heard of, I still wished I had planned better.

2. Wear comfortable shoes/clothes

It’s a ten-hour long festival with three stages and more than ten performances for each stage. Even with nice platform heels that you claim for it to be “super comfortable” are not going to sustain you for those ten hours.

3. Bring liquid & Keep hydrated

Yes, the festival provides with various food stands offering you alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks. But they are double the price and lower in quality. Bring a water bottle or two if you are not one for spending ridiculous amounts for sub-par drinks.

4. Keep alert for…

Indie artists walking around enjoying the festival themselves! I’ve seen some artists just strolling around nonchalantly and NO ONE EVEN NOTICED! Even top-level indie members of Crying Nut walked in nonchalantly through the front entrance. Keep your eyes opened for artists strolling around if you are into taking pictures with them.


There is absolutely nowhere to sit. Unless you want to pop-a-squat on the concrete floor in your carefully-coordinated festival outfit, I would advise that you invest in a mat. It only costs about 3,000 won (~$3) in Korea.

festival mat

Here is a short video clip basically summing up how my experience with Soundholic festival went, enjoy!

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