I don’t know where the collaboration between fuckushi oyo and GRAYE happened to create 75A, but collaborations often result in great music. This is also the case with Damaged. While I’m familiar with GRAYE’s MON, I know little about fuckushi oyo other than her bandcamp release from a couple years back.

75a damaged

She has been guesting on other electronic artists’ releases lately, and I find her voice fits the style perfectly. With Damaged, I wonder how the split of composing songs happened. I hear a lot of hints of GRAYE’s sound, but I don’t know fuckushi oyo enough to know if there’s a song that hits her “style.” Damaged is a little short with eight songs and most songs don’t pass the two minute mark. But even with the short song length, each track feels entirely complete.

The EP is low key and minimal focusing on sparse melody and fuckushi oyo’s vocals. “부탁이 있다” is a perfect example of that combination. Even when the instrumentals fill each beat, like on “고층빌딩,” it does overpower the vocals. It’s a great balance where fuckushi oyo comes across like another instrument in the song. Her voice has the ability to keep each moment moving. Damaged goes by quickly with a complete time of 17:43. It’s actually a great release to listen while walking in the street, it fits walking perfectly.

Hopefully there will be more collaborations from different electronic artists produced by YOUNG, GIFTED & WACK. The label does a great job of releasing interesting albums and the fact they use bandcamp is a huge plus. 75A have introduced themselves with Damaged, and it would be really interesting to hear another release from the duo.

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