I’ve known of The Strikers for a bit, but have mainly seen live videos of frontman SUNN-ROW. With the release of Television, I’m able to get a better introduction to the band. I don’t know if the band has changed their sound from previous releases, but the EP is one of the best melodic punk rock albums I heard in a while.

the strikers television

Starting with the first single, “TV-Monster,” you hear the mix of different influences while sticking to a punk rock base. The melody of the vocals mixed with the excellent instrumentals keeps a lot of energy moving throughout the song. Even during the bridge, it feels like the band is getting ready to explode again. While “TV-Monster” is the lead single, any of the songs on the EP would have worked but the accompanying music video really show off the band and captures a lot of energy.

The unfortunate thing about Television is that it’s only six songs and the lasting effect of the EP is that you want to hear so much more music. The addictive nature of The Strikers is heard and if you’ve never heard of the band, then this is the perfect introduction. It fits the summer perfectly and walking around with the band’s music in your ear is great.

I’m sure that The Strikers fans have been waiting for the band to release something and new listeners are able to hear excellent punk rock. If you enjoy the genre, then you should be listening to Television.

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