Burning Monkeys‘ four song EP, Got Damn, Oh Album, contain the same songs that the band released as demos, but the mixing and mastering of these songs adds another dimension that’s not heard in the demos. The band plays a very garage rock style that at times can sound a little chaotic as displayed on “Hello.”

burning monkeyz got damn oh album

The band really show off their talent on “Serengeti” which is also the longest song on the release. There’s a simplicity to the music, but it’s the energy that grabs your attention. The somewhat messy sound that the band has really adds to the fun. The song is my favorite on Got Damn, Oh Album.

There is one problem with the EP in that because it’s so short, the songs have a tendency to bleed into one another. “Moving Out” sounds like an extension of “Serengeti” even though if you hear the song on its own, then you won’t hear a strong comparison. The recording of the songs is good and each instrument is easily heard. The drums do have an uneven tone when it comes to the tenor of the rack toms to the floor tom and bass drum, but it doesn’t happen often.

Burning Monkeys have laid down some great groundwork with Got Damn, Oh Album. They present high energy, addictive songs. The weakness is the small number of songs that people can hear. If the band was able to release another EP with more songs, there could be a stronger presentation that could draw in more listeners.

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