If you’ve never heard of TENGGER before, you need to read this interview first to understand the process behind the duo’s music.

tengger self-titled

Another thing to realize is that the self-titled album is over two hours long. But the amazing thing about listening to it is that you can and will get lost in the audio landscape of the songs. You will likely not notice when songs change because the way the music flows is that you hear layers of sound. That’s actually the strength of the album. It requires both your concentration and lack of concentration because the different elements to each song have a direct effect on your ears.

At times, TENGGER is difficult to listen to because of some of the song may drone through beats without any real resemblance of tempo. But if you are patient and let the song play, the transitions are incredible. The songs may test you, but you should give each song a chance because they are ultimately very impressive.

There’s a lot of digest with TENGGER’s music and it’s no different with the self-titled. The duo have created their own world within each sound and somehow they are able to make an impression in your head as to what they are describing with different tones. I have to warn though, many people will think this music is just playing one tone for a long length of time, but you need to let a song play. The best way to hear the album may be to listen to one song at a time and not sit for the entire two hours. Strangely enough, if you do listen to the album from start to finish, it’s a very interesting audio journey.

TENGGER are creating music that they’re interested in producing. It’s complex and there are reasons behind why each moment is constructed on each song. I’ve never listened to something like this before and it took a long time to really understand what was going on and how the music can do so much to my imagination.

You will get confused and you will probably get tired, but TENGGER have an album that’s very impressive.

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