BOOZE-UP‘s Sommelier was a surprise release on bandcamp. Searching through the various tags that I follow, the album was a new release. When I bought the album, I didn’t know what to expect. From “Green Witch,” there’s a sense of operatic rock. That may be because of the addition of piano to the song, but it gives the music a classical feel.

booze-up sommelier

In some ways, BOOZE-UP remind me a lot of Gutz. There’s a major melodic element to the music and “Her Money, Her Abuse” could fit perfectly in Gutz’ list of songs. Sommelier features 13 songs and offers a very good and dense album. The songs are a little longer than the standard rock song with the shortest a little over three minutes and the longest at a little of seven and a half minutes. Even with the length of songs, the album keeps moving and never gets boring.

It’s through the addition of piano that helps get an extra level of melody pushed through. “Smell like dust” is a slower, almost ballad type song that really benefits from piano. Even though the piano sits behind the guitar and drums, it makes its presence known during verses. I think the piano could sit a little higher in the mix of music on certain songs, but it’s audible if you’re listening for it.

The melodic rock of BOOZE-UP is a bit different from other rock bands, like the previous comparison to Gutz, the music is very strong in pushing a melody through the verses. It makes listening to each beat very organic. The mix of songs on Sommelier is excellent with a lot of standout songs. Even though the distortion on guitar can repetitive, there are enough differences between songs that each track has a fresh sound.

There is a lot of music on Sommelier and it takes time to appreciate each song. On the first listen, you’ll probably get attracted to specific songs, but on multiple playthroughs, you’ll begin to hear how good other songs are. “Grey Night on Blue Bed” is a perfect example. While I missed it the first time I heard the album, when I heard the song for a second time, I was drawn into it.

Give BOOZE-UP’s Sommelier a listen if you want some heavy melodic rock music. The album is a little old, from September 2013, but I’m glad that BOOZE-UP released the album on bandcamp. It’s an album that I would have been sorry to have missed.

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