Huckleberry Finn is one of the oldest Korean rock bands that I know of. They started in the late 1990s and released four albums over the years until 2011’s Black Tiger. I carelessly didn’t take the time to listen to the albums as closely as I should have until I heard Black Tiger.

Their fifth full-length is amazing. The 11 songs are expertly recorded and the music comes across speakers amazingly. Some people may not prefer the female fronted vocals, they contain a deeper and somewhat more guttural tone. But as you listen through Black Tiger, the versatility of the vocals is easily apparent.

My favorite song on the album is “Girl Stop.” It combines the tone of older Korean rock together with newer arrangement styles and presents a solid song that doesn’t even have a fast pace.

“도레미파” is another great song that uses synth additions in the song over the full band, but doesn’t overshadow or sound out of place. Huckleberry Finn have defined their sound and any addition is used to improve the song it’s a part of.

Going back into their older catalog and it’s easy to hear how Huckleberry Finn came to their current sound. It doesn’t even come across as that much different, but much more defined.

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