Nell‘s comeback has been watched frequently by a lot of Korean fans, including koreanindie. I only watched the first video in the Slip Away series before listening to the album.

The album still has the structured sound that Nell created over their albums. The melodies are intricate and the vocals accompany the instrumentals as another voice rather than sitting above the music. The first song “The Ending” is like a reintroduction to Nell for anyone who forgot.

I don’t understand “Go” however with it’s strange English introduction with piano. In my opinion, the structure of the song is the weakest one on the album. But while many of the songs contain that “trademark” Nell sound, the band does explore some new, but similar territory.

Slip Away isn’t insanely amazing. It is, though, a very well constructed and arranged album. Nell create great music and Slip Away is an impressive album, but it’s not the thunderous return that many people might have been expecting.

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