Even now I don’t know what the shoegaze genre is, but I do know post-rock and Ninaian is something very special. Most of my post-rock or even math-rock music comes from Japan, but For A Little Cruise has dethroned Japan as the keepers of the genre.

For A Little Cruise may only have seven tracks, and could remind people of Apollo 18 or 프렌지 (Frenzy); but this album is more impressive. Rather than have songs that sound like they are barely holding back the aggression, Ninaian delves deep into slower, melodic songs that sound like they could continue forever.

I usually never listen through a release in one sitting, preferring to break up the release into a couple listens, but For A Little Cruise grabs attention through its instrumentation, arrangements, and beauty of the music.

Find this album because it’s an important one for the genre.

(source: wakesidevision)

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