Seoul Seoul Seoul is a two disc compilation album that contains a lot of different musicians like 3rd Line Butterfly, The Freaks, Bobbyville, Apollo 18, and Trampauline.

There is a big mix of styles and genres on the album and serves as a great introduction to a lot of different bands. Music on the album consists of rock, folk, and ballad tracks among others. It’s an interesting mix of music that shows off the many different types of bands that exist in Seoul.

If you ever needed a sampler of music to start a journey in Korean music, this album is one of the best. Partially because it is one of the most recent, but also because the different styles range a lot from each other, making it a lot of fun to listen to. The two disc release features 28 songs, more than enough to get you started in your beginning journey.

There’s not a real standout song because they’re all great, but it sounds like there should be something for everyone to be interested in.

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