Dok2 is a mixed-race hip-hop artist who probably is one of the most successful in the genre. While a lot of his work is guest spots on other hip-hop artists releases, he does release his own albums.

Hustle Real Hard was one of the first official releases that I heard from Dok2. I’d noticed him on a lot of other songs and enjoyed how he flowed over the beats. It’s not exactly the same type of staccato attack that some others use, but a more deliberate delivery.

The album is probably one of the most urban in tone. The beats push a lot of bass and the samples have this over-the-top theme, but his lyrics sit on and off the best. Dok2 also uses a fair amount of English in each of his songs, but usually at the end of verses.

Guests like Jay Park, Bumkey, and even Soulja Boy make guest spots on songs showing that Dok2 may be known outside of South Korea. “Hustle Real Hard” is the track that Soulja boy guests on and it’s a 50/50 mix of English and Korean showing that Dok2 is probably fluent in English. His ability to mix Korean and English make each of his songs very interesting to listen to.

Dok2 is one of the most prolific hip-hop artists that I’ve seen, from his own songs to guest spots and running his label, he continues to create great music.

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