Of the many styles of rock, using a combination of blues and rock together isn’t a genre that I thought I would hear. Lowdown 30 is a band that I originally thought was a metal or hard rock band with the name.

Listening to Jaira, I realized that Lowdown 30 was a mixture of old style rock and adding a strong blues influence in each song. The arrangements of the song are mainly customary with the occasional guitar solo, and doesn’t change the regular format of the music. The difference is that the music is very strong to the point that it doesn’t sound like it’s from Korea except for the lyrics.

Lowdown 30’s musical abilities are amazing in the three piece. Fronted by a strong lead guitar and backed up by bass and drums, each members knows their place inside each song. There’s no superfluous elements in any of the songs and each second adds to the intensity.

Even the faster tempo songs still contain the core of blues and alternative country making Jaira one of the most surprising albums that I’ve ever listened to. It’s perfect for any blues fan and even more amazing to listen to if you’re not familiar with the genre.

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