It’s been a while since I’ve listened to Serengeti and listening to JAM.BO.REE brought back some interesting memories. Essentially JAM.BO.REE contains one newly recorded song with one remix and five studio recorded songs.

I wasn’t too impressed with the first songs “Hello, Bye…” partially because of the repetitive motions that the songs goes through. It doesn’t have much life to it, and even as a ballad-type song I expected a little more energy in the music.

The studio recorded songs are amazing though. They have a lot more energy and the abilities of the band are easily heard through these songs. Featuring a much more ska-influenced style with jazz and slight disco influences, these other songs on the album are much more fun to listen to.

As a EP, there’s not a lot of new content to listen to, but those five live recorded songs are worth the time to listen.

장동진 (Jang DongJin: Drummer) on Twitter.

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