I thought that Lovefish Project might be a bit more pop than the electro-club pop that is presented on Afternoon Romance. The album sounds like a club album with poppy beats and jazz melodies.

The song “Summer Girl” is the best example of what Lovefish Project sound like. It’s almost like Jamiroquai in how the construction of the songs uses a lot of dance samples. There is also a definite commonality to FreeTEMPO and Clazzaquai Project‘s earlier music. It’s a particular style that is a lot of fun to listen to, but can get repetitive. Afternoon Romance is a very mood-specific album.

When listening to the album, it feels like a perfect album for a cafe or outdoor restaurant. Everything is so focused on melody that the Latin influences that emergy are still with lighter percussion playing polyrhythms to the music.

It’s an enjoyable album to listen to, but still falls into the trap of repetition.

Lovefish Project – Summer Girl M/V from DADA KIM on Vimeo.

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