Hustle Real Hard has a definite aggressiveness to it. Love & Life is a step away from that using more melodies for Dok2 to rhyme through. It’s a strange change from the earlier album because he succeeded so well with that album.

“Best Time (In Our Life)” uses a smaller focus on bass beat and allows Dok2 to state his lyrics over a minimal setting. The instrumentals that are on the song are quiet and focus all the attention on Dok2. Like most of his songs, Dok2 raps in English and Korean on many of the songs and makes the mixture sound organic.

Love & Life almost sounds like Dok2 took cues from Verbal Jint and focuses on melodies over beats resulting in a musically smaller album, but what could end up as a stronger lyric-focused album. As the follow-uo to Hustle Real Hard, there is a disparity between albums and it sounds like there was a different focus. But at the same time, Dok2 still created an impressive album that doesn’t continue the expected trends for his performances.

Love & Life may not speak to everyone, but it’s a good album showing the talents of Dok2 outside of his expected releases.

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