Not really being familiar with Hot Potato and only knowing vocalist and guitarist KimC from his variety days, I was curious to know what the band’s return with Who Doesn’t Like Sweet Things would be. The music is a strong presentation of indie rock using a lot of different elements found in other styles of music.

A good example is “팔베개” which uses the full band with the addition of strings and piano that follow the melody. It adds a sophistication to the music, but doesn’t pull it into the straight “pop” sound. The eight song album is impressive, not because the band has been around for over a decade, but the music sounds new and fresh with a throwback to older rock styles.

The experimentation on Who Doesn’t Like Sweet Things is amazing because each song explores different styles. “자화상” uses synth beats along with the band and strings to create a slight Radiohead type of song. Then moving to the next song “‘꽃이 있어 나비 온다’는 우리의 생각이다” and you get an older ballad-type song. The transitions sound seamless and the album continues to show the talent of the entire band.

Hot Potato’s return is great and the band shows that it’s still relevant in Korean rock music.

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