Listening to Lowdown 30 is like getting splashed with ice cold water. The music of Lowdown 30 isn’t some experimentation with a mixture of styles or exploring new musical territory. 1 is just an amazing blues/rock album. The ten track album is a no-nonsense straight-forward album that lets the music speak freely.

lowdown 30 1

Rhythms and tempo aren’t complicated and it’s easy to be drawn into the hypnotic repetitive verses. Though some of the songs were released through music videos before, the ten songs are perfect. There isn’t a song that drags or feels like it was a fragmented idea. Each beat of the drums and strum of the guitar fits the moment on each track.

Blues isn’t a common genre that I listen to, but listening to Lowdown 30 is very easy. The songs have grooves that immediately get into your head and stay there. “처연” and “서울의밤” are two of my favorite songs. Both have different tones to them, but they carry a lot of my interest in Lowdown 30’s music.

If you have ever wondered if South Korea had bands who went into subgenres like blues and soul, there are bands who are exploring the genre. Lowdown 30 is one of them.

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