10cm spent a lot of time between 1.0 and 2.0, but the The 2nd EP arrives relatively quickly. It doesn’t sound like b-sides from 2.0 and the sound of the duo sounds a bit more full from the first track, “오예,” which features a live backing band. Their coffee-shop acoustic style is still present, but doesn’t focus on melodic ballads.

10cm the second ep

“근데 나 졸려” has the core of the recognizable sound of 10cm, but with the addition of a backing band, the music is more developed. It’s interesting to hear the progression of their music over their releases and this new presentation is very good.

With five songs, this sampler of new music is the natural evolution of 10cm. They couldn’t keep playing the same duo-focused music and adding backing instruments opens new doors for the sound. I lost a bit of interest in 10cm from their first album, but enjoyed their second full-length. Even with five songs, The 2nd EP may be my favorite release so far.

If you didn’t enjoy the style of 10cm on previous releases, then The 2nd EP may be the one to change your mind. They don’t change the core acoustic style that they are known for, but make the music more accessible with expanded instrumentation.

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