I’ll be honest. I really enjoy when labels reach out about their music because it makes discovery a lot easier. And considering I like listening to almost any genre, giving an album a chance takes no work. Slide Rosa is on Dada Music and she plays mellow acoustic folk music. It’s a really laid back album and the seven songs remain consistent in their tone.

slide rosa

Ticket to Ride is great coffee shop music, the melodies really follow the vocals which stay really quiet. There’s never a crescendo in the music and it sounds like each song just flows from beat to beat with little effort. For some, Slide Rosa may be too mellow, but it’s a nice change from faster tempo music.

It’s hard to say there’s a standout song on the release, though I do enjoy “So Far So Good” because it highlights the vocals a lot. It still feels like other songs, but the chorus has a bit more energy than other songs. “목요일 오후 네시” is one of the more folk-style songs favoring the acoustic guitar as the main accompaniment. The dual male-female vocals are a nice change and they blend together really well.

Slide Rosa may have a short EP, but she is capable of showing off her music very well with the selection of songs recorded. Ticket to Ride may not speak to everyone, but it’s worth giving her a chance.

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Slide Rosa on bandcamp.

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