When I visited Seoul in April 2013, I met up with Bomb & Tree again. Seong Rock, a composer and producer, gave me his older releases when we met up and I was able to listen to them. Previously, I heard Need an Answer, but was interested in hearing what other songs he has composed.

bomb and tree city'n lights

City’n Lights is a fun, short EP with a strong focus on indie pop rock. The first song “City’n Lights” features DJ Friz and contains female vocals. I’m not sure who the vocalist is, but she fits the song perfectly with her melodic but ambient style. The second song, “여름밤 그대와 레게,” has the same vocals and is a well composed indie pop song.

My favorite song on City’n Lights is “Moment” because it features some added effects on the song. It’s still an indie rock song with the female vocals, but is an interesting mixture of styles that blend into an addictive song. It’s overall a short EP, with five songs but the music is really well arranged.

It sounds like he spends more time as a producer than a musician, but it would be nice to hear a full length of his style of music. It may be an outlet for music ideas he has and would be great to hear more of his style.

Bomb & Tree on Melon.

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