Dada Music’s Hwang Kyusuck reached out to me about Slide Rosa and the release of her EP. Ticket to Ride is an excellent EP that shows off her voice and songwriting skills.

I asked Kyu if Slide Rosa would be interested in an interview and he agreed to pass on the questions. The interview was received a little while back, but work took a lot of time recently and I was only able to get the answers translated recently.

If you enjoy acoustic indie music, you can’t go wrong.

slide rosa

Can you introduce yourself?

안녕하세요. 슬라이드로사 입니다. 만나게되어 반갑습니다.

Hello everyone! I am Slide Rosa – pleased to meet you!

You play mellow acoustic folk, what is its charm?

부드러움 마음을 편안하게 합니다. 연주할때 저의 지친 마음을 위로받고 싶어서 부드러운 음악을 하게 되었습니다.

Softness is always comforting to heart and mind. I wanted to console and soothe my heart when I play the music.

What are you currently listening to? Do these bands have an effect on your songwriting process?

David Bowie “The Next Day” 입니다. 데이빗 보위의 음악을 들으면서 나이를 먹을수록 훌륭한 음악을 계속 추구해 나가야한다는 가르침을 받는 느낌입니다.

Davd Bowie
‘s “The Next Day.” When I listen to his music, I always feel like his music gives me a lesson that shows how music evolves as you get more experiences and such.

Which song is your favorite on Ticket to Ride? Why is it your favorite?

비둘기 입니다. 곡을 쓸때 너무 오래 걸려서… 포기할 뻔 했었어요.

“Pigeons” – It took a long time to write it… I almost gave up.

There are more international sites talking about Korean music now. What do you think about them?

한국 음악문화가 세계에 알려지는 것은 정말 좋은 일이라고 생각합니다. 국내에서 음원가격을 너무 못받고 있어서,웹사이트를 통해 한국 뮤지션 소개가 잘 되어 외국시장에서의 구매자들이 늘어난다면 ,한국 뮤지션들이 왕성한 음악활동을 하는데 도움이 될것입니다.

It’s amazing how Korean music and culture is getting attention internationally. It is so hard to really get support in Korea especially with sales. If the music gets bigger market with foreign fans, it’d be very helpful for Korean musicians.

What instruments do you play live with? Do you record with the same equipment?

어쿠스틱 기타 Seagull artist series 를 씁니다. 앨범에는 Martin Hd-28 모델을 썼습니다.

I usually play with Seagull artist series for acoustic and in this album, I played with Martin Hd-28.

What challenges and fun part do you face being a musician? Do you work as a musician full-time?

전업뮤지션입니다. 여러 악기를 잘 하고싶은데 그렇지 못할때. 음악으로 뮤지션,관객과 소통이 될때 재미를 느낍니다.

I’m a full time musician and the hardest part is when I can’t get the instrument to play as I have in my head. The best part is when I get to communicat with the audience via music – very fun!

Any Korean music that you would recommend to someone who doesn’t know anything about Korean music?

우주히피와 원펀치를 추천합니다.

I recommend Cosmo Hippie and One Punch.

Anything to say to readers?

한국 인디음악을 사랑해주시는 여러분, 건강하시고, 오늘 행복하시길 바랍니다.

Korean Indie Music lovers! Please be healthy and have a happy day!

Slide Rosa on Twitter.
Slide Rosa on bandcamp.

There’s been a steady stream of new music coming from Seoul and South Korea. Slide Rosa is another excellent artist to discover. Dada Music is releasing a lot of great varied music and you can get a sample of them here.

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