I stumbled on Ventura‘s Moon. A collaboration between Lee Jinwook, Soolee, and Smells with vocal guests MYK and Han Sohyun of 3rd Coast. The single only contains three songs, but the grooves and laidback tone of the songs are addictive.

ventura moon

I’m not sure how much each member collaborated on the songs or if each song was a separate project, but there is definitely a common theme throughout the songs. MYK, or Saltnpaper as he performs as currently, is on the first track “Moon.” The song is like a translation between his work as MYK and how he performs as Saltnpaper. His voice really flows over the beats and melodies creating a quick groove. It’s one of the best first tracks I’ve heard to suck you into the beat.

The last two songs feature Han Sohyun. Having only listened to a small amount of 3rd Coast, it’s different from her solo EP. I can see how versatile her voice is on these songs. “This Night” is a jazz and funk groove that is pushed forward by the percussion samples. The keyboards in the bridge are one of the highlights of the song. It’s a great balance of her vocals and the instrumentals. “Listen To My Heart” is a bit of a throwback song because it reminds me a lot of music I heard on the radio growing up. It features a lot of similar themes as “This Night” but goes into a slightly different direction.

As short as Moon is, it was one of my favorite releases when I found it six months after it released. I’m not sure if this was a one-off project, but it contains some of my favorite tracks of the year. It would be interesting to hear different vocal guests on a new release to see how their voices can merge with the instrumentals.

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