Going back to Demicat‘s 2010 release Tomorrow Sucks, it’s a much more mellow instrumental album. It has a slightly different theme than Out Loud and with 11 songs, some of which are new mixes, it’s easy to see the talent that he has as a producer. If you’ve been looking for more laid back instrumental music, this is the album to hear.

demicat tomorow sucks

Songs like “Beats Embody Thoughts” brings a funk groove in the background with different samples adding flourishes to the song. It sounds simple on the surface, but there are a lot of coinciding elements that layer on top of each other. The “Anxiety” tracks are shorter songs that break up the longer tracks. The breaks they add cleanse the mind of the previous song to give you fresh ears. It would be interesting to hear vocalists add to these songs, but as instrumentals they still work perfectly.

The main tracks do tangent off each other. While they all contain a similar tempo, the different effects and samples give each song a distinct feeling. There’s not a throwaway track among the songs whether they are long or short. The mixes of “Tomorrow Sucks” are interesting because the core of the song is translated into different styles that don’t sound similar. The bonus mix with Sean2slow and Beenzino show off the potential of Demicat’s songs used a backing tracks.

There is a difference between the two releases and Out Loud is definitely a progression from Tomorrow Sucks. Both are excellent releases and showcase the talent of Demicat. You really can’t go wrong with either.

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