Discovering music is always a lot of fun. Finding Happy Doghouse was an incredible discovery because it was so weird. A short EP, the music was bizarre. The biggest confusion was that I had no idea who the band were. Whether they were a project band of someone or a very new band in South Korea.

Then Happy Doghouse made a Facebook page and I had my in. I messaged the band asking for an interview, but actually wanted them to explain who the hell they were. They accepted and I finally got my answer.

happy doghouse cody

Can you introduce Happy Doghouse?

Hello, this is Hyehyeon & Cody, together we are ⁎₊✧˚☆ Happy Doghouse ☆˚✧₊⁎

How would you describe your music?

Cody: Electro-pop meets Black Sabbath.
Hyehyeon: Music is music.

The music on the EP is a mixture of indie pop, synth, and electronica, but with a very unique voice. Where did the style of the music come from?

Cody & Hyehyeon: It’s inspired by a lot of things. In particular, Shibuya-kei music, old arcade games, and of course dogs. All the music was made with a laptop, cell phone, and a guitar.

The drums and everything else was programmed, but in a way to make it sound as if a band were playing. We hope to have a bigger band together for playing live shows someday.

Is Happy Doghouse more of a fun experiment or is it a true band?

Cody: It definitely started as an experiment. Hyehyeon lives in Incheon, Korea and I’m in Los Angeles. We have never met in person and the whole EP was made through Skype over the course of 4 days. Once it was done, we thought it was good enough to release!

Hyehyeon: 재밌는 밴드 (Fun band)

Where did the name Happy Doghouse come from? Is there a reason the songs have a dog theme?

Hyehyeon: The name came from Cody. There is a reason. It is because I love dogs.

Cody: Dogs are such loving animals. Whenever I make a wish, it is for all stray dogs to find a warm place to sleep. I think that is the happy doghouse.

happy doghouse hyehyeon

How did the song, “시카고 다시가고싶다,” get composed?

Hyehyeon: I went to Chicago early this year to travel, and I stayed with my family there. I wrote about that experience. Also, my dog had two shoes and left one in Chicago.

Cody: This was our first song we made together. I was feeling very sentimental and thinking about all the places I was missing. I asked Hyehyeon to write about her recent trip to Chicago. It is a memory song.

Any plans for new music?

Hyehyeon: Ya! Yes!

Cody: Yes! We have 2 demos almost finished. I think they are our best work so far. We have been talking with different producers & labels, and we have gotten such good feedback from this first EP. It’s all very exciting!

Was there any expectation releasing the album on bandcamp?

Hyehyeon: No.

Cody: None at all. We wondered if people would discover it.

Even though the songs sound very raw, there is a very addictive feeling to the music. Did this happen by accident?

Cody: Well, I suppose so. With pop music you want it to be sort of catchy and fun. Keeping that in mind, these songs came out very short and sweet and with very simple structure. I think that adds to addictive quality.

Hyehyeon: I don’t know haha. The songs are good today & tomorrow!

Anything to say to readers?

Hyehyeon: 안녕하세요 사랑합니다 <3 (Hello I love you) Cody: Thank you! Dogs Forever!

Happy Doghouse on Facebook.

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