Out of all the bands that played at Seoulsonic 2K14 in San Francisco, Glen Check might have been the band that most people either knew about or came to see play. The duo, expanded by their group The Basement Resistance who provide visuals to the band’s music, immediately got the crowd moving from the first song.

Glen Check

Glen Check’s electro-rock is perfect for a San Francisco audience. Playing songs off of Haute Coutoure and I think one or two off Youth!, it’s easy to see the band becoming really popular in the United States. Standing in the back of Brick and Mortar to watch the crowd reaction, it was easy to see people getting into the groove of the music.

June One Kim and Hyuk Jun Kang were more focused on the performance than crowd interaction, but that didn’t stop them from impressing everyone that was there. Considering Glen Check’s ability to draw crowds in Seoul, the turnout at Brick and Mortar was impressive.

During “Vogue Boys and Girls,” the only song I recorded, Dguru of Idiotape sneaked in and waved an Idiotape sticker in front of my lens before running off. If the crowd reaction is an indicator, then the popularity of Glen Check can seriously take off for international markets.

I really listening to Glen Check and hearing their growth through releases has been very interesting. When they come back for Seoulsonic 2K14’s Fall Tour and hit New York and Los Angeles, I’m sure the crowds will be even bigger.

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