As grows, I want to help musicians have a bigger voice with international audiences.

I had an idea to expand the type of content on the site to include more voices. This works by having more writers on the site giving their own opinions about music. It’s an alternative to my personal opinion and balances the site’s content with each writer’s interests.

But when talking with bands, I found that communicating only through interviews lacked a personal perspective. Interviews are interesting, but they serve more as an introduction to a band, especially for Korean bands who most people may not know.

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Obviously a band’s own site gives them the ability to update fans about what the band is doing, but in the case of Korean bands there’s always the language barrier that can cause some comprehension trouble.

So my idea was to ask musicians and bands to write something about music, in their own words. The only prompt that I gave was that it had to be about music in some form. This could include performing live, recording new music, or the difficulty of living as a musician in South Korea. These were just some quick ideas that bands could use as ideas, but I tried to have the musician come up with a subject naturally.

I don’t want to tell a band to write about “this subject or that subject,” I wanted them to write about something they wanted to talk about.

As of now, there are a bands who have agreed to contribute editorials and I’m contacting more. I’m also asking these musicians to spread the word among other musicans about this project so that more musicians can participate.

There should be posts coming in the near future and it’s a project that I plan on keeping up with as long as possible.

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