When I find an album from a band or artist that I’ve never heard of before, I always want to ask them more about the release. Goldmund was a duo that I missed when Unplanned Works first released on bandcamp. But after listening to the album, I reached out and asked questions about the origins of Goldmund. Both members, Hyuntae and Stray, answered the questions.

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Can you introduce Goldmund?

Hyuntai: Goldmund is composed of Hyuntai (Vocal/Guitar) and Stray (Producer/Synthesizer). Our goal is making easy electronic music for everyone, with an unique sound, lyrical melody, and literary words.

How did the band start? Why did you decide to make electronic music?

Hyuntai: It was originally Stray’s solo project. Stray called me last summer, he asked me, “Can you play some guitar riffs for my works?” at that time I wasn’t doing anything special after I quit the band I had been in. After I finished the work with him, Stray wanted me to bring my song to remake together. So I handed the old recording to him. Few days later he amazed me with the song that was totally changed in a totally new way. Working on it together, the team was founded.

Stray: Originally my works used to be inspired by an acoustic sound. But after taking Casker‘s Ableton Adventure class instructed by Juuno of Casker, electronic music has fascinated me and I got started to make electronic sound.

How do you compose music? Is there a specific process that happens?

Hyuntai: At first Stray finishes the overall composition, then I make melodies and words with it. Sometimes it goes reverse. I like this process because it reminds me two main characters of Narcissus And Goldmund, the novel that has given the motif of our team name.

Stray: Especially in Unplanned Works, we’ve done recording, mixing, and mastering by ourselves.

Yukari and Titan Slang contribute on the album, how did that happen?

Stray: Yukari and I met in Ableton Adventure. She took the class before me. She is a skilled piano player so I was taught by her. She and I have become familiar through it. And Danny (Titan Slang), I didn’t know he was American. I just liked his works on Soundcloud so I asked him to remix our track-in Korean! Fortunately he said yes although he and I didn’t know each other. I appreciate his great work.

Korean electronic music has a lot of different styles, do you see a general trend in the style that others play?

Stray: Maybe some words explain the scene: dark, chill, experimental… But I don’t know well so I can’t say too much on it.

Korean independent music is growing in interest internationally, what’s your opinion of people moving past Kpop as the recognized form of music for South Korea?

Hyuntai: I think it’s good thing. Because more musicians including us can get a chance. Boy bands are still mainstream, but the need for various styles of Kpop will grow.

Is there anything you want to accomplish in 2014?

Stray: Having more people love my music, keeping my life with a music, and if it’s possible, buying a car.

Hyuntai: Finding a balance between a music career and student life. It’s so hard to get a scholarship.

Are there any other musicians that both of you recommend?

Hyuntai: Sakanaction of Japan. I introduced this band to Stray and he liked it so much. Their works including the album DocumentaLy are very important mark in Jpop history. Search them on YouTube.

Stray: Cabinett who showed great remix in our album. He’s young and talented nu-disco producer. He and I are the same age.

What’s the biggest accomplishment Goldmund has had since becoming a band?

Hyuntai: Being interviewed by Korean Indie? Haha. Goldmund is being introduced worldwide. KMC Radio of France and Skunk Radio Live of London are playing our tracks on air. And we are also doing well in South Korea making radio performances and being reviewed on Weiv, one of the most influential music webzines.

Anything to say to readers?

Stray: We will keep this work and would like much concern of you.

Hyuntai: We look forward to perform in your countries. That will be an great honor for us.

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