[Update] We’ve closed this round of free stickers due to the cost of shipping internationally. We will offer stickers again in the future. Thanks!

It took a while for the stickers that I ordered with the koreanindie circle logo to arrive. I’d mentioned before that the branded clothes were being put on hold because I had some other related things going on that required me to wait to design, print, and sell the items.

koreanindie stickers

To make up for it, I’ll be mailing out koreanindie stickers for free. This is open to anyone worldwide to thank you for your support for koreanindie.com.

The work that’s going into the site now is really going to broaden what will be possible in the future and I thank you for your patience.

I’m working to make all the right steps and cross-check everything so when it’s time to make the announcement, everything goes smooth.

koreanindie stickers cut

To get free stickers:

1. Fill out this form with your name and address. Please make sure the address is in English.

We’ve closed the list for this round of stickers. Thanks!

2. Wait until stickers arrive.

I’m going to try and mass-mail stickers out a couple times a week, but the actual time between dropping it at the post office to you receiving it is unknown. They’ll be sent in letter envelopes.

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