I’ve been a longtime fan of Neon Bunny and have watched her releases over the years. Her most recent release was the single, “It’s You” in 2014, but she also contributed to both Smells‘ and Demicat‘ EPs in 2013.

With the release of “It’s You,” I thought that she might be working on a new release so I contacted her to ask her to introduce herself to readers who might not know her music yet.


Can you introduce yourself?

Hi I’m a singer-songwriter Neon Bunny.

How did you decide to start composing electronic pop music?

장르를 나누는걸 좋아 하진 않지만 일집은 좀더 신스팝이였다면 ep 에서 부터 좀더 일렉트로닉 팝으로 간것 같아요
이유는 딱히 없고 그냥 해보고 싶었던것 같아요

I’m not particularly fond of reducing it down to a genre, but I’d say my first album was more of synth pop but in my EP, I think it took electronic pop direction. For no specific reason, I just wanted to give it a try.

You released Seoulight in 2011, Happy Ending in 2012, but released “It’s You” in 2014, what were you doing between the releases?

항상 음악을 만들고 있었어요 물론 주말에는 남들처럼 영화관도 가고 자전거도 타고 그랬지만
늘 곡 작업을 했던것 같아요 아 ,2013년 말에는 잠시 유럽여행을 다녀왔었어요

I was always working on music. Of course, I enjoyed my weekends riding bikes, and going to movies. But I always worked on my music. Oh, I did go to Europe at the end of 2013.

You provided guest vocals on Smells’ “Listen to Your Heart” and Demicat’s “Singing Bird” last year, how did those happen?

요즘 모든일은 인터넷에서 일어나는것 같아요
스멜스가 이메일을 보내왔었고 데미캣은 스멜스 친구였어요.스멜스 피쳐링을 먼저 했고 데미캣은 그 전부터 제가 팬이기도 했었고, 그러다보니 자연스럽게 데미캣 피쳐링도 하고.데미캣이 제 이번 싱글 너여야 프로듀싱도 같이 하게 된거죠

I think everything happens on internet these days. Smells contacted me via email and Demicat is a good friend of Smells’. I did the featuring with Smells first and then I got to know Demicat, which whom I’m a huge fan of. Naturally, I did some featuring and Demicat produced my newest single, “It’s You.”

Will there be a new EP in 2014?

가능하면 앨범을 낼려고 노력중이예요 근데 진짜 너무 힘들어요 ㅠㅠㅠㅠ

I am really trying hard to release one this year but it’s just so hard! :'(

“It’s You” is an evolved step from your past releases, how did Demicat and Cliff help with the song?

클리프는 제 오랜 프로듀서였고 데미캣은 앞서 말했듯이 피쳐링을 하다가 알게 됐어요
무언가 새로운걸 해보자 하다가 보니 자연스럽게 다같이 하게된것 같아요

Cliff was a long time producer for my work and I got to know Demicat, like mentioned before, through featuring. We just wanted to try something new so it just happened so that we all got to work together.

How do you compose songs? Is there a specific process you have?

특별할건 없고 처음에는 피아노로 곡을 쓰고 그다음에 에이블톤으로 쓰고 그다음에 프로듀서와 작업을 하는 정도 일까요 ?

It’s not that special. I just write something and play on the piano and then add more with Ableton and then work with producers. Simple?

What musicians are you listening to currently? What was your favorite album last year?

cashmere cat,spazz kid,kelela,sampha…etc 가장 좋았던 앨범은 king krule 과 sampha

cashmere cat, spazz kid, kelela, sampha…etc And the album I like the most is King Krule and Sampha.

Korean electronic music has a huge variety of musicians. Who, in your opinion, are some of the best?

Demicat 그리고 Hue 밖에 지금 생각이 안나네요

I’d say Demicat and Hue come to my mind at the moment.

Is there a specific message you try to send with your music?

그때 그때 곡마다 틀리긴 해요 그치만 기본적으로 진심을 전하고 싶어요

It’s always different. But basically, I want to show my true feelings.

Are there any musicians that you would like to collaborate with?

지금 작업중인데 ㅎㅎ 나오면 알게 되시겠죠 ?

I’m currently working with the person! You’ll get to find out soon!

Korean music is getting more attention internationally, do you think it’s time that people realize that there a bigger variety than just Kpop?

네, 케이팝 좋죠. 저도 케이팝의 수해자 일꺼예요 . 케이팝을 좋아하다 보면 자연히 아티스트나 컬쳐에 관심이 가지 않을까요 ? 그렇게 됐으면 좋겠어요

Yes – I like Kpop. I think I definitely benefited from Kpop as I believe people would be more interested in Korean culture in general and other artists. Don’t you think? At least I hope so.

Do you have favorite live venues to go see shows in Seoul?

cakeshopseoul 좋아해요

I like Cakeshopseoul.

If you had a chance to tour anywhere in the world, where would you like to go?

영국 프랑스 스페인 그리고 북미

England, France, Spain, and North America.

Anything to say to readers?

정말 정말 열심히 앨범 작업하고 있어요 짠 하고 나타나고 싶은데 쉽지 않네요
그래도 조금만 더 기다려 주세요 !!!

I’m working so hard on my album. I just want to surprise everyone but that’s not too easy but please stay tuned!

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