Since I first heard Smells through Up and Down, I wasn’t aware of his other incredible satisfying EP, Dance Wit’ Me. The release features on of my most favorite songs, “Dance Wit’ Me” featuring 몬구 from Mongoose. In addition to having a great instrumental, the vocals on the track give it a lot of life and energy.

smells dance wit me

With six songs, four originals and two instrumentals, it’s still a small sample of the talent that Smells has. It’s actually the perfect length of music because you never get exhausted of listening any of the songs. The other main single is “Better” featuring 이윤정 from EE. Her vocals sit in contrast from the melody of the instrumental, but she commands a voice that seems to provide the direction for the song. The last song “Warm Up” is the perfect end note applying a lot of the same style as “Dance Wit’ Me” but just as an instrumental track.

It’s impressive hearing both Smells’ instrumental tracks and those he collaborates with because his music sounds like it can fit almost any vocal style. His ability to mix samples and beats together is impressive and there’s always a positive feeling when listening to his music. The only real sad thing is that he doesn’t have a lot of official releases, only the two EPs and one track on Found Tracks Vol 35. It would be great to see something in 2014.

I enjoy listening to Smells almost any time of the day. The music has a positive and upbeat tempo and it gets you hooked really easy. Whether he’s able to compose enough songs for a full length is unknown, but I think he could have a solid album of instrumentals and collaborations that would impress a lot of people.

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