I heard about Romantiqua‘s album Revenge from Anton when I emailed him about Artist Editorials. He mentioned that Romantiqua had recorded their new album and it was going to release at the end of May. This got me excited because I really liked When and Where, but the band only had three official songs.

romantiqua revenge

If you missed their EP, those songs are also included on Revenge so you won’t be missing anything. In fact, listening to Revenge with those songs included is a much more complete experience. The band still plays their psychedelic post-rock style with expansive and dense songs. Consider that the longest song, “Only One Slight Eternity” is 9:51 and you can get an idea of the type of music you’ll hear.

Romantiqua know how to keep the longer songs on Revenge interesting and it’s not always focusing on big waves of sound. If you listen to “Small Word, Big News” you can get a perfect introduction to the way the band composes songs. Guitars and bass speak in opposing and joined voices while the drums cement everything together. When the band reaches the chorus, it doesn’t need to raise the volume, but the intensity is easily heard.

It’s difficult to decide if there’s one song that sits higher than the others because it’s so easy to get lost in the audio. I think it’s best to just listen to the album from start to finish rather than try and listen to one song. The way the album flows is perfect and there’s a definite arc to how the songs are ordered.

Romantiqua’s When and Where was an amazing, but a really short introduction. Revenge solves all those problems not just with the number of songs, but the musical arc that the album provides. Post-rock is one of my favorite genres and Korea seems to have a lot bands. If you have missed Romantiqua before, it’s time to start listening.

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