As I prepare the business side of Korean Indie, LLC and the various permits I need, I’m still prepping the online store. The store will open in August (though it will be opened for browsing before that) and I figure it’s a good time to start pre-orders so I know the basic number of merch I need to buy.

The basic Korean Indie shirts will always be available for purchase, but I’m also looking at Limited Edition t-shirts that will be available in limited quantities.

All shirts will be ordered true to size, so they will match the size stated.

So if you are sure you want a shirt when the store opens, please fill out the form!

We will be shipping internationally for merch, so don’t worry about that.

Below are previews for shirts, along with a planned Limited Edition shirt.

If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments!

shirt grey

ladies shirt

tank 2



Limited Edition

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