It took a while, but I was finally able to listen to Litter‘s EP, L Over Load. It has a tendency to remind me of a lot of other bands, though the use of synth that accompanies the rock style of the music. But Litter does a great job keeping a distinctive sound and offering a solid EP.

litter l over load

The five songs on L Over Load show off what kind of band Litter is. They have a dance rock style that’s easily heard on “Be My Beat.” It’s a bit standard with the pulsing bass notes that play throughout the song. The second song, “I Do,” reminds me a bit of Glen Check. It’s in the way that the synth plays along with the beat. I don’t know if the bass guitar is being processed through multiple pedals, but it gives it a retro 80s sound.

Vocals in any of the songs is excellent. They have great emotion and melody to follow any song they are on. “I Do” is a great example of this. “Stay Away” remind me of Space Papa‘s Adaptor. The song doesn’t have the same arrangement, but the way the song is presented is familiar. Any comparison to other bands isn’t meant to detract from the ability of Litter, it really makes connecting the style to other bands a lot easier.

Litter’s L Over Load is an excellent first impression. It probable that you’ve never heard of the band before, but the EP gives the sense that the band has a lot more potential that was limited with the number of songs. Hopefully, they will be able to show off more on their next release because they have an addictive sound that a lot of people will like.

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