After the return of Nell with Slip Away, I wasn’t really sure if the band had returned or just recognized the style of music they played after so long. Slip Away is a good album, but not the best by the band. It’s great to see the band return again so soon with Holding onto Gravity, releasing four more songs.

Strangely, Holding onto Gravity has the tone of an OST and also feels like b-sides from Slip Away. The rock sound of Nell is accented heavily by additional instruments, changing the style of the song from verse to chorus. The songs are still going to speak to a lot of listeners, but sometimes the songs sound like they’re trying to be too commercial.

“Holding onto Gravity” has the tone of mid-to-late 90s indie rock from the United States, but overlaid with Nell accents. The vocals of the band are still amazing and the playing is impressive, but the EP falls into the problem of sounding a bit over-produced.

There are still a lot of Nell fans and that’s not going to change anytime soon, but Nell is great at making music, it’s just what kind of music are you looking for – Separation Anxiety-Nell or Slip Away-Nell?

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