After Guilt-Free, eAeon didn’t register again until after the new year. When I found Realize, I was expecting another release similar to the full-length.

eaeon realize

Realize brings back memories of Mot because the music isn’t focused with synth and electronic sounds, but goes back to a live band sound. Even though Mot used a lot of synthetic sounds, there was the core band sound on the majority of the songs. There are small samples of synth that appear, but those could actually be produced with instruments. The laid-back acoustic sound is a change from the full-length, but shows that eAeon is still making music which is the important thing.

With acoustically arranged versions of songs like “Bulletproof,” you get another side of the song. It’s obviously different from the massive tone that the original has and the acoustic version has the same haunting tone. There is also a cover of Daft Punk‘s “Harder Better Faster Stronger” which contains all the same elements of the original song, but highlighted with masterful playing. His voice contains the same sound as the artificial tone which seems impossible. He also covers Mot’s “Heaven Song” acoustically. It’s immediately familiar if you know Mot’s songs, but comes across amazing.

eAeon’s follow-up is a great EP that’s worth listening to when you are interested in hearing another side of his performances.

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