After B l a m e, I saw that Cong Vu released CONG VU CDR II on bandcamp. I’ve found the juke style that he plays to be very interesting because of the strong percussive elements. Thankfully, this releases doesn’t disappoint in any way. It’s still highly rhythmic and strange.

cong vu cdr ii

The lack of regular melody is present from “Trust Me I’m Not” and this is present throughout most of the release. Cong Vu does change things a little bit because while there’s no main melodic verse, some of the samples that he uses can have small elements. “One More” is one example. It’s found through one sample. There’s a different between CDR II and B L A M E and the progression is excellent.

Since the core of juke is the layering of percussive elements through different samples, it may still be difficult to understand what’s going on in Cong Vu’s music. As a drummer, I find listening to how each sample is placed to be really interesting. In some ways, you have to think beyond just what you’re hearing and try to hear how all the elements combine to make songs.

CONG VU CDR II is definitely more complex than B l a m e and takes a lot more effort to get through the first time. But if you can begin to appreciate the genre, then there’s a lot of interesting beats, samples, and arrangements to start trying to understand. You probably won’t like Cong Vu at first, but you have to keep listening until you begin to understand.

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