I get a lot of information about new bands from pages or friends on Facebook. I kept seeing information about Combative Post from other bands. I couldn’t find it online and had to order a physical copy which took a few weeks to arrive. But when I was finally able to hear The Ghost, I knew that South Korea had another awesome hardcore band.

It’s still one of the most difficult genres to find bands in internationally, but I asked the band if they could answer some questions and Combative Post’s drummer, Zinman and bassist Je-hak took some time to respond.

Combative Post

Can you introduce Combative Post?

Yeon Je-hak: Combative post is a melodic hardcore band, and we recently released our 1st album, The Ghost.

Jin-man Cho : We are consisted of 5 units. Kyu-young Hwang (Vocal), Il-woo Lee (Guitars & Vocal), Ji-hyun Hong (Guitars), Je-hak Yeon(Bass), Jin-man Cho (Drums).

How did the band start?

Yeon Je-hak: It was made when I was in military service in 2006, with Hwang Kyu-young and Han Sang-ju. At that time, all the members were in the military. So, we had to share some ideas about our band by letters. In 2008, we released our first demo.

How did Combative Post decide to play hardcore music? How does the band compose songs?

Yeon Je-hak: All the members used to play in hardcore bands. So, it was natural thing to choose hardcore music for our band. Until our EP, Realisation, songs were composed by me. After Lee Ill-woo joined, he made all the songs for our 1st album. We usually compose songs separately, and then we write lyrics together.

What are the influences of the band?

Yeon Je-hak: I was influenced by FC Five, Comeback kid
Jin-man Cho : Basically, all members like hardcore music. But each member has different tastes of music. For instance, Ji-hyun also likes some garage rock music, and I like grindcore and Death metal and some Crabcore bands.

Hardcore music is difficult to discover, do you think the genre is still unknown by a lot of people?

Jin-man Cho : Unfortunately, I have to say yes. Many listeners are not aware of the hardcore scene or hardcore music. Overseas, I believe that hardcore music is very well known by punks and metal music listeners, but Korea has very few hardcore music listeners. If Korean listeners give more support for the hardcore bands, the scene would be bigger than we thought.

Yeon Je-hak: Hardcore is not known by many people in Korea, and also some people misunderstand the genre itself. I believe what we need to do is not to be conservative about the genre and make more people come to hardcore shows.

Combative Post

What message is Combative Post trying to spread in your music?

Yeon Je-hak: To give some courage to live better.
Jin-man Cho : “Life is tough, but we should overcome” that’s main topic.

Any other hardcore bands you recommend?

Jin-man Cho : Vassline or 13steps is so famous not only in the hardcore scene but the Korean Music Industry. We are also showing respect for those bands. I want to recommend younger generations hardcore bands. If you like 80’s hardcore music, you should hear Find The Spot, The Kitsches, The Veggers. You are into metal core, Remnants of The Fallen, Eighteen April, Noeazy, Burn My Bridges. And there are so many great hardcore bands in Korea,

Korean independent music is gaining interest outside of South Korea, do you see this as a positive trend? Or does it not affect anything for bands themselves?

Yeon Je-hak: I think this kind of thing would be really helpful for every band in Korea since they need more connections and listeners. It would be possible that some listeners who listen to Korean independent music would find more songs from other Korean bands.

Is there anything Combative Post wants to accomplish in 2014?

Yeon Je-hak: I hope we can sell all the CDs and make more listeners who come to shows.

Jin-man Cho : I wish we could hang out with the hardcore music fans, as many as we can meet.

Anything to say to readers?

Yeon Je-hak: Support us, please!

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