With Anna and Mark offering their opinions about who they think will win the various categories, it’s now my turn. It also turns out that I may be the one who listened to the most music of the three editors, but my tastes vary a lot from every one else.

So who do I think will win?

Album of the Year

With the album of the year, I’ve listened to three of the five nominees. I appreciate Chang Kiha and the Faces and really like The Black Skirts, but my pick for album of the year has to go to Idiotape.

The album is just an excellent transition of electronica and live instruments. Each song on the album is amazing. Even with some of the songs from their 0805 EP, the overall package is stronger than anything else on the list.

Song of the Year

I think it’s between 2NE1 and IU and I’m a big IU fan. While I prefer her unofficial songs when she’s playing guitar and bypassing the Kpop that she normally sings, “Good Day” is an impressive display of vocal ability. 2NE1 have a stronger visual presence, but I’ve found their image has taken prominence over their music.

Artist of the Year

I’m pretty sure that it’s going to be between 10cm and Chang Kiha. I find 10cm’s music preferable to Chang Kiha, even though I can see the great talent of Chang Kiha, so I have to give it to 10cm.

Rookie of the Year

I have to go with Neon Bunny since I haven’t heard anything else.

Best Rock Album

Yellow Monsters hands down.

Best Modern Rock Album

I’m torn between The Koxx and Huckleberry Finn. While I would like Huckleberry Finn to win, I think The Koxx will win out.


From their Enter EP, which I like more than Access Ok
Best Pop Album

The strong albums are 10cm, Linus’ Blanket, IU, and Neon Bunny. I would like Linus’ Blanket to win, but it may go to IU or 10cm.

Best Dance & Electronic Album

Also another tough category. Idiotape and Trampauline are the strongest, but f(x) might take it.

Best Rap & Hip Hop Album

Defconn has a good album, but I’m partial to Swings with his lyrical delivery and great samples.

Best Rock Song

It’s between “Riot!” and “Sonic Boom.”

Best Modern Rock Song

Again, there are some really strong nominees. But I have to go with Huckleberry Finn’s “빗소리.”

Best Pop Song

UV all the way. I didn’t even know that “Itaewon Freedom” was from 2011.

Best Dance and Electronic Song

Choosing between indie and pop is difficult because I like both genres. I would like Trampauline or T-ara to win, but I think 2NE1 will win.

Best Rap and Hip Hop Song

Obviously GD&TOP will take this, but Verbal Jint had the better song.

These are my predictions of who will win, but I’m horrible that these guess games so I’ll probably help the bands to lose. 2011 was a great year for music and I do think there were lesser known bands that could have easily been a part of the list.

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