I asked on Facebook what favorite albums readers’ had in 2013. There were a lot of album releases this year and unfortunately it’s impossible to cover every single one. For each album that’s presented on the site, there are probably five that are missing. This could be for a number of reasons, like availability of an album online outside South Korea or missing the album release entirely.

But at the same time you, our readers, also listen to music and have your own personal favorites and these are presented here.

Thanks for taking time to give your opinions. I’m sure musicians in South Korea appreciate that there are fans outside of the country who enjoy their music.

Favorites by vote

fromm arrival

Fromm : Arrival

glen check youth

Glen Check : Youth

jaurim : goodbye, grief

Jaurim (자우림) : Goodbye, grief.

standing egg shine

Standing Egg : Shine


Yozoh (요조) : 나의 쓸모

Amado LeeJaram Band

Amado LeeJaram Band (아마도 이자람 밴드) : 데뷰

kwon soon kwan

Kwon Soon Kwan (권순관) : A door

Saltnpaper : Self-titled


Thornapple : 난 자꾸 말을 더듬고 잠드는 법도 잊었네


WHOwho : Her

Honorable Mentions

어쿠루브 (Acourve) : 하고 싶은 말
Black Bag : Rain has Fallen
Brother Su : Paper
Bye Bye Sea (안녕바다) : 난그대와바다를가르네
Clazziquai Project : Blessed
Dear Cloud : Let it Shine
eAeon : realize
feverdogs : sweet nightmare
Han Heejung : 날마다 타인
Han Sohyun (한소현) : oh my darling
Kim Mokin (김목인) : A Bunch of Eyes
쾅프로그램 (Kuang Program) : 나 아니면 너 (You Or Me)
Kwon Milk : 위대한 항해
Love X Stereo : 부끄러워요
MFBTY : Sweet Dream
Nell : Escaping Gravity
Nemesis : Dream
Postino : I Love it
Ra.d : small story
Siberian husky : Odd Eyes
small o : that will fall
Soran : Prince
Taru : blind
Tierpark : self-titled
Vanilla Acoustic : 2nd Part 1 & 2
Vidulgi OoyoO : Officially Pronounced Alive
yaya : cruel picture
Yi Sung Yol : Cynic
Zion T : Red Light